Reading a book at bedtime…mom zero, kid one.

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One night last week, as we began our bedtime rituals, I told my daughter I would read one book to her if she got into bed at time (which I admit I only do sporadically now that she can read – she’s 8). She immediately turned into a masterful negotiator, “Mom, two books.” And of course I stuck to my guns, repeating that I would read one book of her choice if she got into bed on time. Minutes later, she called me to tell me she was ready. I got to her room and she was sitting in her bed, with a playful, “I win” look on her face. She had picked out two books: The Monster at the End of This Book and Duck for President. Now she had me, those are two of my favorite books, along with Go Dog Go. “Mom, if you don’t read these two to me, I’m getting Go Do Go too.” She had me. I read both books to her that night; after all she had the better strategy. And I decided to read her more books at night, despite the fact that she can read.

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  • Johnny B Goode says:

    Nice story, but does this mean you are spoiling her? Seems like a nice win – win for both of you, you sound like you need more happy stories, that makes it Mom 1 – Daughter 1.

  • Thanks Johnny, it was a nice evening for both of us! Feel free to share any kiddie bedtime tales you want to with us.

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