Chicken with Tomatoes and Lime (delicious, quick, and healthy recipe)

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Hi Everyone: 

Here is another recipe I love, thanks going to my writing cohort, Louise Ross.  It’s for Chicken with Tomatoes and Lime, and it’s another GOLD STAR rated recipe (which means it’s healthy, easy, tastes great AND my daughter eats it)! Now, if you live in the US, and you celebrate Turkey Day, you’re perhaps thinkin’ ”Uh, how’s that fit into the festivities?” (The rest of you are thinking, “Thank God! I’m tired of stuffing recipes already!” )  Here’s how it fits: when you get to *next* Thursday (that would be December 3rd), and you’ve had it with turkey, turkey omelets, turkey soup, turkey salad, turkey shakes, turkey cake, and, my favorite, turkey turkey, you’ll thank me for this easy, quick, healthy recipe with very, very few ingredients!

So, back to Louise!  She has a wonderful blog called Market to Mouth (also on my blogroll).  The premise of her blog is that you can budget shop at Whole Foods, and you can eat yummy food at the same time.  

This recipe is easy to right size, so I am writing it based on 2 adults and 1 kidlet. 

Ingredients first….

–   3 half breasts of chicken (each one being the size of my hand, which….er…you cannot see)
–   1 lime (no need to add an extra lime until you get to about 5 or 6 half breasts)
–   3 tomatoes (you’ll want 1 per breast; I used Campari Tomatoes, so I used 2 per breast, or 6)
–   White wine (I used half a cup. I can’t drink white wine, so I keep one of those mini-crates with single servings of white wine in the fridge.  That way, I don’t waste it when I want to cook with it. Louise also says you can also use Lemonade  – which I will try next time, which is probably more likely to be in a single mom’s or mom’s fridge).
–   Cooking Oil (I used olive oil)
–   Salt and pepper to taste
–   Cheese (That’s my add. I like to sprinkle cheese on everything.)
–   1 potato or rice or pasta (We did a potato friend with some olive oil though this recipe will do well with any of these sides)

What To Do…..

1) Heat some oil in a pan and toss in chicken pieces, brown slightly.
2) Slice a lime, and a couple of tomatoes, toss over chicken.
3) Add the pan lid and turn heat to low.
4) At around the 15 minute mark, remove the lime pieces. If you have any lemonade, or a fruity / oaky white wine (if not use water), moisten the bottom of the pan with your choice of liquid. Cook another 15 mins or so.
The lime infuses the chicken with a sourness that sweet tomatoes, lemonade or fruity white wine compliment by offsetting the sourness.
5) Serve over cooked pasta well oiled with olive oil, or boiled rice, or crispy pan-fried potatoes. (This where I sprinkled a bit of cheese on top.)

All of us loved this recipe, and the leftover sauce was great on pasta the next day. 

Here’s a link to this recipe at Market to Mouth:

Feel free to share any recipes you want to as well.  You can email them to me at  and I will post them (crediting you of course) or you can leave it in a comment.

Enjoy the chicken!                                                                    


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