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Why You Should Enjoy the Candy Cane Residue on Your Coffee Table

on Dec 23, 2009 in My Posts at Working Mother Mag

I’m serious…you really need to enjoy the tasty treats that make you break your diet, the mad dash through the muddy-slush for one last gift, the endless cacophony and free advice from family, and the smile on your kids’ faces as they smear sticky candy cane residue on your coffee table…why? Find out at the link below…



Adopt a Single Mom Family for the Holidays

on Dec 20, 2009 in Single Rose

Hi Friends: I am writing to share some information with you about a great program – the Single Rose.com’s Angel Assistance Program which brings together single mom families who need financial help with donors who “adopt” the family for the holidays. This program has been going on for 13 years – and they’ve set it […]


Work, Work, Work! I Try Not To Complain!

on Dec 18, 2009 in My Posts at Working Mother Mag

Hey single parents…I’m willing to listen to your complaints about ANYTHING for FREE…comment away here or at the link below.  As you will read via the link, this post is inspired by the song in Cinderella (“Work, Work, Work! I Try Not To Complain! Washing! Mending! Stretching! Bending! I Try Not To Complain!”) Enjoy…. http://www.workingmother.com/web?service=vpage/4856 […]


Did She Know He Was Cheating?

on Dec 15, 2009 in Meaningful Mommy Moments

You may think I am referring only to the Tiger Woods Family Saga…actually I am referring to anyone who has ever felt that ugly, clenched, rotting feeling inside of their bellies.   That feeling you get when your gut knows, just knows something is up.  I’ve had that feeling.  And I hate to admit it, but […]


Are You Doing Too Much?

on Dec 11, 2009 in My Posts at Working Mother Mag

Does any working mother, or working parent, say no to that?  I think not…take a read from this link to my Working Mother Magazine post to see how you can ease the pain (I mean increase the joy :-)) in your daily life  just a little bit. http://www.workingmother.com/web?service=vpage/4856 Happy Friday! Swati


How I Changed My Attitude About Exercise and Eating Healthy

on Dec 8, 2009 in My Posts at Working Mother Mag

Hi Everyone: I recently wrote a blog post about Exercise and Eating Right for Working Mother Magazine.  I’m excited about my newly appointed position as a mom blogger with this admirable publication! (No, it doesn’t pay.  I just get bragging rights.) Check out my post at http://www.workingmother.com/web?service=vpage/4856 Be well, Swati


When Your Kids Question Who You Date

on Dec 2, 2009 in Dating as a Single Mom

I’m staring off at the pine needles from our newly purchased Christmas tree, and the moon sand from our old-ly purchased sand collection…both are all over the rug due to a crazy, crazy afternoon with my daughter…the vacuum is too tired to work today, but we had a lot of fun. My daughter is asking […]


Turkey Chili…easy, healthy…another Gold Star recipe!

on Nov 30, 2009 in Delicious Recipes Only

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the Holidays last week.  I took the last four days off from the cyber-world (I was busy eating everything in site…add a massage and it would have been really perfect).  I had my daughter the entire time so we hung around a lot – and our days were filled […]


Divorced Single Dad Tested by Seven-Year-Old

Hi Everyone, A single dad friend of mine wrote to me about the questions his seven-year-old daughter posed in regards to his divorce. He’d love some input and suggestions, so please chime in. Here’s what his email said: “I would welcome your insight into a matter which my daughter raised the other day, before we […]


Divorced Parents, Split Holidays, Shuffled Kids

on Nov 23, 2009 in Meaningful Mommy Moments

“You are so lucky,” my former college roommate from North Carolina would say to me.  “You have built-in time just to focus on yourself! I’d love a break from all the kids and family around.  You can do whatever you want.”  I would smile back at her through the telephone, though she couldn’t see me.  […]

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