5 Secrets for Balancing Work and Single Motherhood (Number 1)

Posted by admin on Nov 2, 2009 in Tips for Single and Partnered Parents |

Hi everyone –

This is a topic we all struggle with…trying to find some kind of balance between single motherhood and work.  This is the first post in a 5 post series…

Number One: Are you clear on what your company and what your boss need from you?

This may seem like a funny place to start – but it’s not.  We can’t talk about how to achieve balance with work if we don’t know all of the pieces we are trying to be balanced with.  So, are you clear on what your current role or job requires you to do to be successful?  Is it realistic for you to do these requirements?  There are always trade-offs and no one knows that better than single mothers. 

What are the absolute “must-haves” from your company’s standpoint?  At one company where I worked long ago, it was getting to work exactly on time and filing weekly/monthly accounting reports accurately and on the requested days.  They weren’t interested in new ideas, special projects or team building – just timeliness and accuracy.  At another company, getting to work exactly on time was irrelevant; the focus was on getting the work done in a high quality manner and as fast as possible.  And at a third company, it was whatever my boss felt was important on that particular day (that was not much fun and I didn’t last). 

Now, think about the “must-haves” you’ve listed from your company/boss’ standpoint- can you achieve them without spreading yourself too thin?  If not, can you eliminate something else from your day, your week, your life?  (Of course, some of you may be thinking of getting a new job anyway, but that’s not always possible).  

I’ve started this list of ‘5 secrets’ with clarity about your company’s needs and your boss’ needs because I have made lots of unnecessary mistakes in the past – mistakes I could have avoided if I had thought about what that particular boss or company was expecting me to deliver. 

In tomorrow’s post, we’ll talk about our personal “must-have” list.

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  • Rebecca says:

    Very accurate assessment of corporate cultures. Equally important your realization that one of the cultures clearly didn’t work for you. Hard to switch jobs in today’s economy, but definitely good to step back and see what type of environment fits your personality and your new (single-mom) lifestyle. I know I battle with making sure that my new self-employed entrepreneur lifestyle, which works for me as a single mom to my 2 young kids and borrowed teenager, does not slide back into the over-committed workaholic self of before. Easier said than done and failing miserably last month!

  • jenie=) says:

    link you in all 4 of my blogs if you want to 😉

    and in answer to your comment on MBC, yeah it’s a li’l time consuming to manage 4 blogs. It’s just an addiction on my part, haha.

    see you around!

  • Claire McFee says:

    Good points. I look forward to reading the rest. 🙂

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life Now Blog

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