No, single mothers should not be stigmatized

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Articles like this one make me sad about how easy it is for people to opine about all that is wrong with single mothers.  I am Indian, and I have felt the eye of judgment pass over me as a single mother both within my community and outside of it.  Does anyone think I planned to go into a marriage and then divorce? No. It’s the last thing I wanted for my child or myself.  This article implies that maybe a “stigma” with single motherhood would lead to fewer daddy-less children.  Maybe – but is that what we are after? Aren’t we after a loving home, good parenting and a stable environment? Do I want someone to stick around because they are more worried about what the neighbors will say and not at all concerned about parenting responsibilities? And, if someone is a single mother by choice, that’s her choice. Should she not fulfill her desire to be a parent if she can? I think so. What do you think?

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