And Then He Said “I Do” (or, Single Mom Gets Married)

Posted by Swati on Mar 13, 2011 in Dating as a Single Mom, Meaningful Mommy Moments |

Hellooooo Everyone!

I am SO sorry about my long absence!  Life has been a whirlwind, with an engagement in August, and then our wedding on New Years Eve 2010…add on a new job that I started in January, and, well, I am just coming up for air!

So on to the first and most important bit of news – I am MARRIED!  And (drum roll please) we can now call  “J.” by his actual name, John.

So, coming back to the title of this post, John did say “I Do.” Right after we read our vows to each other our warm, charming, and twinkle-eyed Justice of the Peace said,”Now John, I am about to ask you a question to which there is only one right answer…”  Both of us, as well as the twenty family members we had in attendance, chuckled in amusement and joy.  And then, just like that, we said our “I Do’s and we were married!

Everything was just as I wanted it – well…er…the cake was the wrong color, the Champagne glasses were no where to be seen for our first toast, and the wait staff began to cut the cake before WE cut the cake!!  But, guess what? We didn’t care because we were as giddy as a kid on a magic carpet…suffice to say nothing could have torn the million dollar smiles from our faces, nothing.

How does it feel?   Wonderful.  You see, everything is “right with the world when we are together.”*

* Quote from my vows :-).

I will be back soon!



ps Here is a photo of us right after the wedding…

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  • Erin says:

    Brought tears to my eyes. What a stylish couple! Swati – you have such natural grace, and thanks for sharing your life with us. Have you ever thought about becoming a counselor to single moms? I wonder what will become of the Single Mothers Chronicles? I mean you definitely have been there, done that, but now that you are on the other side of things, will you continue to share your perspective in perhaps a new blog? Something like Blended Family Chronicles? Best to you.

  • Swati says:

    Hi Erin – I cant figure out what to do – leaving this site makes me feel frowny so I just keep putting of the decision for now! That single mom identity is such a HUGE part of who I am today.

    I’m glad you like our pictures – as I sit here refusing to take a shower today, it’s good to have you tell me I look graceful :-)! It was a lovely night….

    XO – Swati

  • Roodlyne says:

    OMG! *squeal and more squeal jumping up and sow and screaming * Congratulations Swati! Im so happy for you. I was wondering were you have been…
    Can’t wait for the details *wink wink*

  • Benedicte says:

    Dear Swati, You are beautiful bride. You inspire me so much.

  • Swati says:

    Awww thanks Benedicte!! XO – S

  • Swati says:

    Thanks Rodlyne~~ You are the best (I actually felt that SQUEAL!!!)

  • Lilian says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyy! That is so lovely! You look so gorgeous and happy. You know what, I am so very happy for you!!!!! And yes, I feel sad when you mention leaving the site. Your writings have been so inspiring to me!

    Best of luck Swati!

  • Congratulations!!!!! You are so beautiful :).

  • MrsBlogAlot says:

    So so beautiful Swati!!! Congratulations again!! I wish you both years and years of magic carpet rides together!

    xooxox Mel

  • Swati says:

    Lillian, Peryl and Melyssa – thank you ladies for coming by to say hello and wishing me well for our wedding XOXO!!

    Lillian – see I don’t think I can stop this blog – I just love it too much :-) (except sharing the bathroom sink and cabinets – I could do without that really.


  • Lilian says:

    Swati, sharing the bathroom sink and cabinets just got me thinking. Seriously!!!!!!!!!! I am visualising it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilian says:

    I sincerely hope you will not! I love this blog. So much!

  • Sally says:


    I think that once you are a single mom, like many things in life you carry it with you. You had the experience, so it is now a part of who you are today. I hope that you share what happens next on your grand adventure. I hope to see you soon:) I am so glad you have found happiness,it shows in every smile.
    Love you,

  • liz says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so, so happy for you and John! I think you looked beautiful, and I love that even though things weren’t *perfect*, you still enjoyed the day!


  • Swati says:

    Thanks Liz :-)!

    Yep that second time around helped us focus on the meaning of the event instead of all the little details!


  • Kerissa says:

    Congratulations!!! You looked beautiful. You both look peaceful. Isn’t that awesome going into a marriage? A stranger can see the calm and peace (rubs elbows with you). I’m looking forward to seeing how the blog transition now that you are no longer a single mom. P. S. Don’t come back to this club :)

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