What’s in Your Rack, Momma? (This post has a free giveaway!)

Posted by Swati on Jan 19, 2011 in Giveaways, Shop!, Tips for Single and Partnered Parents |

I know what your thinking:

Surely she’s not referring to her actual rack or worse, my actual rack? She’s trying to be clever…?

Nope. No cleverness going on here today – I am actually talking racks, womanly shelves and the good ole’ busty bust-line! And I have a giveaway so read closely (but don’t get too close because my rack needs space).

I was *moved* to write about the female bosom by the lovely folks over at The Rack Trap.  The Rack Trap is actually an undetectable bra packet that can hold everyday necessities like your license, cash and credit cards…and you can put right into your RACK! It even come with instructions (the first one being to “Locate Your Breasts” – hopefully somebody is around to help you with that).  It’s really an ideal and inexpensive product for when you are off to the gym, running quick errands, walking the dog or traveling.

In any case, I now have one and I it!  And I want you to have one too!!  So, follow me on Facebook and leave me a comment anywhere on this blog and tell me you would love to have a Rack Trap too and I will randomly select somebody’s rack. I mean somebody.  Contest ends on February 2nd – make sure you leave your email in when filling out the comments so I can find you.

By the way- wouldn’t it be cool to tell people you work at The Rack Trap?  Ok, I’ll stop. I’m just giggly-silly over this booby trap .

XO – Swati

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  • Meagan says:

    Super cute post! I can hardly imagine myself using a “Rack Trap”, but I am trying to become more womanly…so maybe I’d give it a go.

  • Swati says:

    Ok well it’s a slippery slope from “womanly” to “harlot” so be careful how you utter Rack Trap Lady!

  • Mandy says:

    Me! Me! I want one! I’m going on vacation to Thailand in July and this sounds perfect for going out in the evening and not carrying a pocket book.

  • Lilian says:

    Hi Sawti, happy new year! I would really love to have one! Is it possible I do not live in the US?

  • Swati says:

    Sure Lilian as long as you’re ok with me mailing it by the least expensive mOde if you win :-)!

  • Trisha says:

    I gave Racktraps to all of my girlfriends and we’re starting a Racktrap cult! I gave up on my wallet b/c who needs it! Plus I’ve tied one to many on and who needs the stress of leaving your purse behind!

  • Swati says:

    I bet they all love it – I think it’s awesome – sometimes you just do NOT want to carry a purse! And the bar scene is definitely one of those times…!


  • Heather says:

    I am DYING to have one of these! I go to concerts a lot (err, whenever I can get a babysitter I mean!) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my money/keys fall out of my pocket… or not felt secure with them in my pocket with all the strangers pressed up against me. This would totally solve my problem!

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