Training Bras and Booger Eating

You may remember me writing about kissing kids (and fainting mommies)  not too long ago.  And now, I know what you’re thinking.  How could a training bra possibly be linked to eating boogers.  Am I right?  Of course I am.

I’ll tell you how they’re related.  Read on at your own risk.

1:12:00pm Mommy: Driving along innocently last Saturday, happy about how sunny it is in late October, happy about…

1:13:00pm Daughter: “Mom? Can I have a training bra? My friend <Blah Blah> has one and so does <Blah> and <Blah>.”

1:13:30pm Mommy: WHAT?!  WHAT?!  But! But! You’re just…WHAT?

1:13:50pm Mommy: “Hmmm, really honey? I didn’t know that they had them.”

1:14:00pm Daughter: “They do.”

1:14:10pm Daughter: ”So when can I get one?”

1:14:50 Mommy: “Uhh…errr…let me think about when we have time to shop, ok?  We’re really busy.”

1:14:57 Daughter: “ Ok…..Mom?”

1:15:00pm Mommy: Crap. WHAT NOW? “What?”

1:15:05 Daughter: “Did you know that <Blah>, <Blah>, and <Blah> still eat their own boogers?”

And there you have it…presenting the world of a nine-year-old: training bras, and booger eatin’ all rolled into a three minute conversation.

I need a hot fudge sundae dammit.

One quick recommendation while we are on the subject of boogers…as we head into flu season.  If your kid is one of those kids with a nosey full of boogies, try out SinuCleanse.  It’s a safe and simple way to clear out your kids’ nasal passages with a saline solution (which is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends).  It has an easy to aim nozzle that does not need to be inserted into the nostril…check it out so they don’t eat ‘em!

– Swati

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  • Erin says:

    Woohoo! I am so glad to read some of those surreal conversations from this age. It makes me feel less alone. How’s this for a last week’s dinner conversation with my 9 yo? Me: Chewing dinner. Daughter: So, Mom, I really need to know. How are babies made? Me: (Choke on dinner and pretend to cough). I calmly go into the short version with all the descriptive terms and ask whether she has read the book her cousin has on the subject. (Yes, she has, but says it only talks about what the egg and sperm cells do). Daughter: I see. Well, what is a condom? Me: I will answer your question, but why are you asking this question? Daughter: Well, since our school bus is shared with high school students, someone found a condom on the bus today and they told the bus driver. I want to know what it is. Me: Explain what it is. Daughter: I can handle vaginas in this house, but can we not use the word penis? (daughter pretending to choke on food) That word just gives me the creeps.

  • Swati says:

    LOL Erin!! I am taking the ore painful route to that conversation by spreading it out in tidbits but the recent question has been how some of the women in my book get that sperm from the men and exactly where it comes from…ACK! I agree with your daughter by the way – some words should be left out of the home.

    I still haven’t been able to write about the s.e.x. conversation!!


  • Kelly Ozley says:

    9? seriously? I am pretty sure I still need a training bra.

    And on that rinse thing… I have had sinus surgery twice and my doc told me to that rinse thing every day of my life!

  • I love your anecdotes!! Since I don’t have girls, this is the closest I’ll probably get to the life of a 9 yr old girl…

    Honestly, I’ve never understood the concept of a “training bra.” Are my breasts poorly behaved because I never had one??

  • Swati says:

    Poorly behaved breasts??!! I think you need to write a post about that…and I will look forward to reading your anecdotes when your boys notice that girls have ’em!!!


  • Danielle says:

    Wow – from a growing up conversation to a little kid conversation … that really shows the transition they are in at that age!

    Thanks for sharing! I know what I have to look forward too – :-)

  • Oh My! I got 2 girls the only 1& 2, but I’m dreading the birds and bees conversation already lol.

    Now I have to get ready for training bras too? booger eating? LOL

    head spinning… Like Swati I need a sundae maybe beers :)

  • Swati says:

    Danielle and Supermomplace – I’m happy to get a sundae or a drink anytime! This kid id continuously one step ahead of me – I wonder what blogs she reads :-0?

  • Amber says:

    HAH! Crazy memory–I used to wear my sister’s training bras back in 4th grade (was I nine?). I thought I was so cool. Alas, I didn’t really need a bra until 8th grade. Then I popped. Like really popped.

    I love reading this anecdotes, they make me laugh and remember.

  • Swati says:

    Oh Amber – that is so cute! My daughter did try mine on too – ummm…they don’t fit!! Glad these are bringing back some fun memories for you!


  • Oh Swati!! This is hilarious. Training bras and booger eating. That is epic. Since I don’t have girls, I won’t be dealing with that anytime soon. But possibly jock straps and butt scratching. Or something of the sort. You know, you made me think about my first training bra. It was so tiny, it might have been the size of two postage stamps. But I was so proud! It was called a “Grow Bra.” Haahahahaha. So inquiring minds want to know…did you decide to buy her one?

  • With two little girls, I’ve got this all to come!

  • Swati says:

    Hey Organic Motherhood….yup, I get her one….it was very strange and I just was kind of freaked out but I did it! Still trying to be thankful for our “open communication” style!



  • liz says:

    WHAT?!?! That’s crazy!! I know I wouldn’t believe if those words had come out of my kid’s mouth. And I remember all the girls in my classes being shy about wearing a bra.

  • Kim says:

    I’m not sure whether to feel bummed or relieved that these crazy multi-topic conversations will continue for the next several years!

  • daughter says:

    Paul and Kim – either way, you must promise to come back and tell ME about it :-)!!


  • I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

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