I Have a Confession to Make

Actually, I have two confessions to make and one very strong plug, but who’s counting?  You don’t even have to wait until the end of the post to find out what they are because the confessin’ starts now:

1)   I excel at coming up with a multitude of tactics to address any less-than-desirable behavior from my little urchin.  “You have a time out” and “You need to write me a letter of apology because…” roll off my tongue like hot fudge.  Take away $5.00 from the piggy bank for not getting out the door on time for the school bus?  No problem; we are currently at $130.00 by the way.

Which leads me to confession number two:

2)   I don’t feel the least bit bad about doling out these punishments.  Do I ever feel sorry for my daughter?  Some sympathy? Empathy even?  Nope.  I lay it out with satisfaction.  And when she tells me I’m mean, I say, ”That’s right. I am.”   Turns out, I ‘m really fine with using my Mommy Power.

Which leads me to the plug:

Despite all that, the one thing I am not a fan of is losing my temper – especially when the situation is teeny-tiny compared to what could be happening.  In those cases, I am left feeling like Evil Mommy, one who uses my *size* to impose Iron-Rule instead of melting into June Cleaver’s Parenting-Goodness (and “size” won’t help me for long by the way as I am 5’1 and my nine-year old is just 8 inches shorter than me!)

But I digress.

I was not knowing exactly what to do about those situations where I overreact, so I kind of, er…kept doing the same thing (makes total sense…not)… but that’s why I am so happy to have found this online course on Yoga Parenting!

It’s taught me how to break negative patterns, how to be more centered, and how to just be more peaceful in my everyday parenting life.  The course contains everyday tactics you can try out in a few simple minutes – and it’s fun.  There are even some things that your kids can do with you.

The online course is only $97 for 8 weeks!! I highly recommend it (yup, this is the plug)!  To take a peek, click here…you can read about the one teeny change I made that helps me stay more centered with my daughter at my blog at Working Mother Magazine.  And, you can hear more about the first class in Yoga Parenting, which is on Centering, below in my Skype interview with Practical Mommy (a.k.a. Ria Sharon), one of the co-founders of mymommymanual.com (where I am proudly listed as an expert mommy – YAY!), the developers of this course.

Happy Parenting and Om everybody…

– Swati (p.s. Do my eyes look goolgy to you in this video?? Must be how much I love Practical Mommy :-D! Seriously, I am still gettin’ used to the camera…)

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  • I think that yoga parenting sounds great! I’m going to have to look into it! Thanks!

  • Oh, Swati, how do I love you. You always make me laugh. And you clearly are much better on your follow through than I am… I need to work on it, because I’m also 5′ 1″, and my two boys are built like their dad, who is 6′ 2″ – which means I have a few short years before they start towering over me!!

  • Swati says:

    A fellow shorty who has no idea what’s going on in the upper atmosphere?! I am so happy to know that!!

    Can you imagine looking UP to say “you’re grounded!” I just don’t think it’s going to work.


  • Ria says:

    No, you’re eyes don’t look googly, silly. Do mine look squinty? Seriously, I am ever so noticeably turning into my mom! :)

    Thank you for letting me talk “Yoga Parenting” with you, Swati. As a single mom too, it’s great to hear that the lessons have made a difference for you.

  • Swati says:

    I loved doing it Ria!

    You are totally looking at the camera, always perfect!! My daughter just looked at it and told me the angle made my lips look way too big!! Little stinker!

    I know what you’re thinking – breath in, breathe out…and you would be absolutely correct :-).


  • Hi beautiful ladies. The YP lesson on “centering” that you talk about in this video rocks my world. This is something we can all work on LEARNING no matter who we are… parent or not. 😉

    Thanks for this great review Swati. Ria, you are too cute here. Love ya.

  • Swati says:

    Aww thanks Susan!!
    ps I think Ria looks cute too :-)

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