What’s This Single Mom Up To?

Hi Everyone – I thought I would share a little update on goings on with my book, some of my posts at Working Mother Magazine, and what I’ve been doing on The Single Mothers Chronicles Facebook page….so first the book…

I am so happy to say that there is a publisher interested in my book!  I am not going to say which one as we have not  yet executed our contract (and I really hope I am not jinxing myself) but I am really, really, really excited.  Naturally, I am not done with the book :-)…and I have an idea for yet another book…yikes!  Focus, focus, focus Swati…

Have you been checking out my incredible blogs posts (I’m shameless, thus the Supermom image on this post) at Working Mother Magazine?  Please don’t tell me you haven’t been out there – I just couldn’t take it! Here are three of my favorites – and leave me a comment if you can so I know you came :-):

1) Work at Home, Work Outside the Home?  When Does the Quandary End? (Guess what? I’m up to more stuff…)

2) The Orzo Chronicles: Our First 72 Hours With Our Puppy (Yup, all about life with puppy)

3) Quotable Quotes and Conversations From the Little Peanut in My Peanut Gallery (You’ll revisit a couple favorites like “what’s humping?” but also experience a few new ones!)

And please also make sure you check out the Single Mothers Chronicles Facebook page! There’s lots of cool stuff out there like recipes, fun and informative articles (Common Sense Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe, recipes, like this one for Pecan Encrusted Tilapia, other tips like Healthy Snacks Kids and Parents Love), and general chit-chat too…check it out and feel free to “LIKE” the page (I feel like Valley Girl every time I say that)!

Have a super day!


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