Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart

Posted by Swati on May 14, 2010 in Dating as a Single Mom, Random Thoughts |

Now that J. and I have managed to purchase some dishes together, (read The Commitment to catch up on that delicious moment), I have to admit I am smiling like a love-struck puppy day and night.  I adore our new dishes and the thought of our joint foray to Bloomies makes my heart go pitter-patter, pitter-patter…thump, thump…

Ten days after our ‘We-are-so-committed-purchase,’ J. called me and said, “I bought another item for our new lives together, Honey.”

I was GIDDY with anticipation.  How sweet is this man???

“What did you get?”  I asked, holding my breath.

“I got an XBOX-360!” he exclaimed.


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  • Marla says:

    Something about Mars and Venus comes to mind…. :)

  • Swati says:

    Ha – You hit it on the head Marla!!!

  • Yeah, I had to read “XBox” two times to make sure it didn’t say “ring”… ha ha.

    P.S. We’re trying to think of what to call our “ceremony” on the invites when we get married — because the word “ceremony” just sounds so OFFICIAL — and he said, “Let’s call it the Rachel-tames-me ceremony.” He was serious!!

  • Swati says:

    Single Mom Seeking – you made both J. and I laugh out loud!! :-) Happy Friday!

  • Vivianne says:

    “Our new lives together, Honey.” I felt giddy and happy for YOU! How exciting!
    Uhhh, I missed something somewhere? Dum Dum Dadum, dum dam dadum… well you know how it goes.

  • Oh, aren’t men cute? Like little cartoon space aliens. Strange, but still adorable ;).

  • Kim says:

    Great minds DON’T always think alike! But at least the thought IS there. Enjoy the dishes and the XBOX.

  • mrsblogalot says:

    LOL!!! Must be love (-:

  • Swati says:

    LOL Ladies! You are so right :-). I better build up my thumb muscles and just get on with it!

  • Oh no! Not an X-box. Yeah, I would freak.

    My man isn’t into video games but he has a giant big screen TV I’ll have to accommodate when we move in together, but I know my son will be loving that.

    Find me on Twitter @mssinglemama, I have something for you and will DM it. Can’t find your e-mail on here.

  • Kelly Ozley says:

    An XBOX…. how sweet. Focus on the dishes… the dishes….. you have dishes together. At least he bought you something. My last real boyfriend went shopping for HIS groceries in my refrigerator.

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