The Complete Walt Disney World 2010: The Definitive Disney Handbook by Julie and Mike Neal (Book Review)

Posted by Swati on Apr 1, 2010 in Book Reviews |

You’re thinking about a vacation to Disney and you are pummeled with information about it: everyone has an amazing nugget for you and Borders is filled with shelves of guidebooks promising fun.  And you want it to be as perfect as possible for your little darling (or your Tasmanian Devil, depending on the kind of day you are having).  Want to know which book to pick to help you?  I suggest one that has won EIGHT National Book Awards!

The Complete Walt Disney World 2010 has every possible bit of information you need to enjoy Disney’s 700+ attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels – and offers hundreds of time-saving tips to boot!  (Yes I said over 700 – were you thinking of going for four days and just squeezing it all in as you go, off the cuff, with a five year old in tow, and a bazillion other people in attendance?  Er…you may want to rethink that strategy…)

Unique finds in this book include:

–          Plan Perfect Theme Park Days: understand the best time of year and days of the week to visit each park, the best rides for your kids, and (my favorite) how long the lines will be at each attraction, for every hour of the day (I love these people; almost as much as I loved my Fast Pass)…did you know about Magic Hours?  You can get in BEFORE the crowds – how sweet is that?

–          Animal Kingdom Wildlife Guides: Seriously, staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort, where animals graze just outside your room, was one of the best vacations I ever took…and this book has the most thorough section on it I have ever seen! Don’t miss the Safari ride at the Animal Kingdom Park…

–          What’s New: an overview of everything that’s new at Disney.

–          Character Locations: Lists that tell you EXACTLY where and when you (I mean you kids) can meet Disney’s stars (really could have used that on our 1st trip there when my daughter was four). Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Alvin and the Chipmunks…here you come!

The other really enchanting feature about this book is the 550 color photos it includes – your kids will get a kick out it (as will your inner child).

One additional tidbit I must share with you: Julie and Mike Neal, the authors, go to Disney once a week!  Yep, they know of what they speak. That’s my childhood dream-job come true.

Below is the link to purchase the book at Amazon.

Enjoy your vacation!

–          Swati


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