The Relationship – Chapter Two (a short story)

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“He’s gotten me flowers every week since we met in college,” declared Claire as soon as they sat down for brunch.  “I am just so happy because…” the story continued.

She was having trouble listening to Claire.  Her throat was tightening and it became harder to take a deep breath.  She sat very still, silently begging the sudden anxiety to pass.

”Did you hear me?  What about you two?”  Claire was looking at her eagerly.

She gazed towards Claire.  Quietly, she replied, “One Christmas, we couldn’t find the stand for our Christmas tree – and we couldn’t afford to buy one either.  The next day, I came home to see a fully decorated tree in our living room.  He had decorated it and suspended it from the ceiling with fishing wire because I wanted a tree so badly.”  She could still see that tree in her mind.

That had been two years ago.  Nothing more recent came to mind.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal.

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