I’m Up in a Tree and Feeding Penny Pig

Posted by Swati on Feb 28, 2010 in Book Reviews |

Sounds like busy Sunday doesn’t it?  The title of this post isn’t an indication that I am going crazy (there are other signs which point toward that).   These are actually the titles of two fun children’s books I was asked to review.  And before I go any further, you should know my daughter has approved them too.

I’m Up in a Tree, written and illustrated by Mark Alden Johnson, is an amusing tale about a little boy who climbs up a tree, and then cannot get down.  As the day progresses, various silly characters (birds, bees, and a cat) offer counsel on how he can get down.  In each instance, he considers the advice and chooses instead to wait for his father.  It’s a great lesson in listening to your gut and not giving in to peer pressure.   But what makes this book delightful in my eyes is the charming manner in which it is written: simple, lyrical rhymes that are just right for kid-sized poets.  Check it out at Amazon: I’m Up in a Tree.

The second book, written by Jeannine Fox and illustrated by David Bamberg, is called Feeding Penny Pig.  Mimi, Laney’s grandmother, searches to find Laney the perfect birthday gift: a piggy bank named Penny Pig.  Penny it turns out is hungry, hungry, hungry for coins!  Once Laney gets Penny, she is busy doing chores all over the house to earn money, to feed Penny.  This book is a great building block for teaching kids about money management and the importance of saving.  Feeding Penny Pig also contains something that always tickled my toes as a kid: the intrigue of an inanimate object (a piggy bank) coming to life.  Nothing beats that when you are young and full of imagination.  The author is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Public Accountant and has been on a variety of radio and TV shows related to financial well-being.  You can check out Ms. Fox’s site at www.mimisfunhouse.com and you can buy the book at Amazon at: Feeding Penny Pig.

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

–          Swati

Ps.   As I am required to share by law, I did receive these books for free, but was not obligated to say anything specific about them besides my actual opinion!

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